Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding

Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding

Intimate Weddings are becoming the new norm due to the global pandemic. There are several ways to still have a beautiful and amazing wedding with a reduced guest count.

1 - Pay attention to the details - Just because you are planning an intimate wedding does not mean that it will be any simpler. You have to pay attention to every detail. If anything goes wrong, the guests will easily notice.

2 - Go all out for your guests - Since the guest count is reduced, add personalized touches so that each guest feels special. Examples of ways to do this is with having personalized cakes for each person or personalized menu cards or personalized favors with each guest's name on it. You can also assign roles to each guest in the wedding.

3 - Make it memorable - Think of ways to make the experience appeal to all five senses. You can choose to be creative with menu and infuse various cultures. Have multiple signature drinks that reflect the bride & groom's tastes. Or include a fun activity or game that guests can participate in. Another way is to have some form of entertainment such as a dance performance or a live band.

Photo credit - Dotun Ayodeji Photography